The Ring

The Mandalorians Attack
Investigating A.R.R.G. has deadly consequences

The Sky Talon flying into the Anoat sector after 11 days of hyperspace travel.  Decants to find…. nothing.   Just interstellar space. 


R1 beeps his confirmation that these are in fact the coordinates.


After some scans and monitoring of the local communications frequencies a hyperwave relay satellite is discovered.


Moving in to investigate it is soon discovered that the satellite, which was definitely  A.R.R.G.  technology, had been compromised with some  military grade probe that was monitoring communications.

After a space walk and some creative technology use it was determined that the probe was placed there by the Mandalorians and they were setting a trap for the A.R.R.G. research vessel that is expected to return to retrieve the data payload from this satellite.


[more to come ] 



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